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The Sri Lanka College of Oncologists

Welcome to the official website of the Sri Lanka College of Oncologists (SLCO), the leading academic body representing all oncology physicians in Sri Lanka. Established in 2003, the SLCO is dedicated to advancing the field of oncology through research, education, and advocacy. Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional care; it’s about fostering a community of medical professionals who are at the forefront of innovations in cancer treatment and research.

As Sri Lanka faces the growing challenges of increasing cancer incidence and cost of care, the SLCO stands as a beacon of excellence and knowledge, guiding healthcare professionals and supporting patients throughout their journey. Through our collaborative efforts, comprehensive training programs, and commitment to evidence-based practices, we aim to ensure that every individual affected by cancer in Sri Lanka receives the highest possible standard of care.

Whether you’re a medical professional seeking resources, a patient looking for guidance, or someone passionate about making a difference in the world of oncology, the SLCO is here to support and join hands with you.

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What is SLCO?

The Sri Lanka College of Oncologists promotes excellence in cancer care through research and advocacy efforts to enhance quality, improve access to innovative therapies and ensure equity in cancer care in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

The vision of the Sri Lanka College of Oncologists is to empower all oncology physicians in Sri Lanka to provide best possible care to patients with cancer in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

The mission of the Sri Lanka College of Oncologists is to ensure service excellence in oncology profession in Sri Lanka through capacity building, research and advocacy.


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